Tablet Repair

Is your tablet in need of a repair?

Tablets became very popular in the last few years thanks to their portability and flexibility compared to a desktop, or even a laptop computer. Although portability makes it very comfortable to use, it also exposes the device to certain vulnerabilities, leading to physical damage, such as the smashed screen. Other common issues are the charging / USB socket connectivity issue, headphone jack problem, and water or any other liquid damage. Here at Scot-Comp Edinburgh we know how to help you with your device. Our experienced engineers are able to cope with these and many other issues for a very competitive price, so please visit our computer shop at 91 Easter road for a free diagnosis.

Touch screen replace
Screen replace or repair
Button replace or repair
Charging socket/ port replace or repair
Power problem repair
Camera replace or repair
SIM card reader replace or repair
Memory card reader repair or replace
Speaker replace or repair
Software repair or restore
Water or any other liquid damage repair

Each tablet repair comes with a 90-day-warranty.