Computer Repairs - Computer Repair Services near me

Computer Repairs - Computer Repair Services near me​

We Diagnose, We Troubleshoot, and We Fix!

Scot-Comp, based in Edinburgh, offers a wide range of desktops. Whether you need a PC upgrade or Computer repair, Scot-Comp is right here for you. Let us know if your office desktops or home computers require repairing, and the problem will be resolved. We have a team of highly professional and experienced PC hardware engineers and technicians helping business and residential customers for more than a decade.

Some of our desktop computer repair services include optimizing your desktop for enhanced performance, troubleshooting and diagnosing software and hardware problems, resolving peripheral issues, and much more. No Computer lasts forever, and we understand that. With regular updates and on-time repairs, your desktop will last longer and work efficiently.

One-Stop Solution For Your Desktop Problems

A computer consists of various components, and each one of them has a specific purpose. If your desktop is not working as it is supposed to, probably there is an issue with one or more components. Give us a call if your computer is working slow or have entirely shut down. We will come to check the root cause of it and fix it as soon as possible. We can work on all the top desktop brands, such as Apple, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, UBM, and more. Rather than completely throwing away the computer, it is better to call an expert. Buying a laptop will be more expensive than repairing it.

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We are Experienced, and Cost-Effective

You may not be an expert in resolving desktop issues, but Scot-Comp is. If you've been under the impression that computer services will cost you a fortune, you've been dealing with the wrong professionals. We don't overcharge you, nor do we have any hidden fees. Once we diagnose what's wrong with your PC, we provide an upfront cost for the computer repairs that need to be done, all as part of our transparent computer services.

Computer Repair Services near me

Scot-Comp is here in the industry for more than a decade. We have in-depth knowledge about computers components and the different kinds of problems a computers can face. Leveraging our expertise will allow you to start working on your computer like always. We can identify and troubleshoot computers problems without wasting any of your time. Find Computer Repair Services near me.

Computer Repairs - Computr Repair Services near me

A Computer Repair Service That You Can Trust

We live in a digital world, and it is impossible to imagine our lives without our desktops. A person uses their computer for multiple reasons. You might need it to work on a video project, share some files online, play games, and more. Since computer problems can be of different kinds, it is better to get in touch with an experienced computer repair services near me. Let the experts take care of issues so that you can start using your computer.

Contact Scot-Comp For Quick Turn-Around

Scot-Comp is always prepared with desktop parts, such as DVD drives, modems, hard drives, memory, motherboards, and more. Be it a part replacement, repair, or upgrade, you can expect a fast turn-around. We can come to your location to offer our on-site services. Some of the services you can contact us for are- PC technical support, repair or troubleshoot, system security testing, wireless networking, spyware and adware removal, virus removal, OS and software troubleshooting, installation and upgrades, motherboard and CPU repair, and more.

Each of the component repairs that Scot-Comp provides come with a 90-day warranty. Our services are always budget friendly. Call us today if you need some assistance to fix your desktop.

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