Top Tips To Keep Your Data Protected

A data breach is a crime, and many companies have lost lots of money and critical information because of a data breach. A data breach can happen to anyone and everyone. A hacker may hack an entire financial institute or a company’s data; hackers leave no one. And this is the reason why one should take extra care of their data. Another reason to keep data protected is your device can get damaged anytime. You may lose your computer, mobile phone, laptop, hard drive, and others which may have lots of important data.

Take smartphones, for example; you use them day and night, and losing a smartphone would mean losing important photos, videos, and even files you have received from your office. Your smartphone also has other apps, such as shopping apps, baking apps, social media apps, and much more. All of these apps will have your personal information. And shopping and baking apps will have your financial information. Losing this data could lead to losing lots of money.

No one wants their smartphone, laptop, or any other device to lose. However, probabilities may happen, and it is better to be preventive. Here are some tips that will let you keep your data protected.

Try not to use public WiFi

When you are outside and trying to use your laptop or mobile phone, avoid using unknown WiFi hotspots. This becomes even more important when you are trying to do banking transactions. You never know from where your device may receive a virus. Therefore, avoid using public WiFi hotspots or unknown hotspots. If there is something urgent to do, use Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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Update your device regularly

Your computer and smartphone will tell you to update it from time to time. It is advisable to listen to those prompts. Update your device whenever you need to. This way, your device will stay updated to fight against modern-day malware and virus. Your OS needs to stay updated.

Keep your screen locked

Be it a computer or a smartphone, never share your device’s password with anyone else. Your privacy is in your hands. Keep your data protected. Locks your mobile phone and computer whenever you are not using it. You never know who may use it. Your device has a factory reset option; one click, and everything will be wiped out.

Create backup

Keeping backup for your data is crucial. By creating a backup, you will create a duplicate copy of all the files that are important to you. This way, whenever you lose your device or get stolen and damaged, you can always get it back. Make it a habit to create regular backups. The best way to create a backup would be to store everything in a cloud app.


These are some tips that one must follow to keep their data protected and safe. A data breach can happen at any time. Having said that, losing data by losing your device can happen as well. If you have lost your device and want to have it back, don’t hesitate to call Scot-Comp, and we will be right there to help you.

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